Update on basketball trip to China and Dubai: Now boarding

Please remember to scroll down after reading this update, and also the update from Seattle where a doctor who left Duke in June admits he stabbed a man and child found dead in his apartment. AND FC has two Monday posts before that: an essay on alumni giving and a compelling article about 13 professors from American Universities whose thoughts collided with the Chinese government.

Update at 1:30 PM

Duke sports information says the team, coaches and supporters are now boarding a chartered jet at Raleigh Durham airport. It's believed the charter company flew in a second plane.

See below for details about this fiasco.

With stopover in Alaska for fuel, the team will fly to Shanghai. Then it's a bus trip from the airport, which is on the eastern coast, to a hotel west of Kunshan. FC estimate 3 hours for this. Total travel: 25 hours.

It means the team will be arriving after midnight Tuesday, with a slam-bam tour of Duke Kushan University Wednesday morning and a game later in the day.

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