The freshmen are coming! The freshmen are coming. FC plays the role of Paul Revere

There will be special parking rules in effect as freshmen move into their East Campus dorms on Tuesday, and upperclassmen arrive on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Some traffic will be detoured. Some parking lots restricted. All to make room for people who are unloading.


We're pleased to report there will be no inconvenience for the Academic Executives who get to park right on the main quad, so they only have to duck 30 feet into Allen Building and are not bothered.

These seven parking spaces -- quite close to the Few Quadrangles -- were carved out of the quad grass. Another series of spaces was carved on the other side of the traffic loop, to accommodate service vehicles.

Not only are they close, they are on the same elevation as Few. Other parking lots require a substantial hike up several flights of stairs.

FC feels that the spaces for Academic Executives in particular should be eliminated. On a campus where we designed a new dorm (Keohane 4) to allow people simply to hold the door for each other and otherwise have casual encounters, walking down from the Clock Tower each day would do our administrators good.

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