Autopsy: Crystal Gail Mangum's boyfriend died from one stab that punctured lung, diaphragm, stomach, colon, left kidney and spleen

✔✔ The autopsy on the man Crystal Gail Mangum is accused of killing has just been released. And it is chilling.

Mangum -- for those of you new to Duke -- was the North Carolina Central honor student, go-go girl and prostitute who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players with rape at a 2006 team party where she was paid to strip. After a special investigation, State Attorney General Roy Cooper declared the Dukies "innocent" and said Mangum would not be prosecuted because she is a loon.

There can be no doubt that she was a danger to the community. What we did not know was when or how or why she might explode.

Early this year there was a fire set in her apartment. Arson.

And in April, in a dispute over rent, Mangum is alleged to have turned on a new boyfriend (or customer?) who let her move in with at least two -- and possibly all three -- of her kids. Some reports indicate Mangum did not have her share of the rent; others indicate she stole his.

At the time, it was thought that Mangum stabbed 46 year old Reginald Daye multiple times, so bad were his injuries. But the autopsy turned up only one "gaping" wound -- with the knife puncturing his left lung, diaphragm, stomach, colon, left kidney and spleen in one deep plunge. He also had several cuts and bruises on his left arm, which might be from self-defense attempts, said the report.

Mangum, age 32, is where she belongs. In jail. Awaiting trial.

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