Sunshine! Alumni leadership to consider FC request to post minutes

Published 7 PM Tuesday

Alumni executive director Stirly Wilder has stated she will present to the alumni leadership at its next board meeting, a FC proposal that minutes be posted on-line.

This was once the practice.

At present, only the Academic Council makes full use of the internet to keep stakeholders informed. The Arts and Sciences Council earns a C- for its effort.

The University Trustees themselves post a "summary of action" that is an insult to any Dukie serious about following university governance. Sample entry from the June 17 Executive Committee meeting: "the president updated the trustees on campus developments since the May meeting of the Board of Trustees."

The President no longer posts his quarterly reports to the Trustees. Nan Keohane started the practice when the internet dawned. Dick Brodhead ended it.

Back to Wilder. She ducked specific questions about how the leadership ratifies members of the Board of Trustees. Not nominations, we understand that imperfect if not sordid process, but what happens when the candidate's name arrives from the self-perpetuating Trustees for confirmation, the so-called "election." Is there an appearance? Questions? Are there criteria? Do people elected as alumni Trustees ever report back to the leadership? Even when they seek a second six year term?

Wilder referred us to university secretary and vice president Richard Riddell and vp for public relations and obfuscation Michael Schoenfeld. A snowball rolling down Route 85 on a sweltering day has a better chance than we do in finding anything out. In the past Schoenfeld has sat on Riddell, instructing him not to speak to us.

FC is researching similar ratification procedures within the Methodist Church. The alumni have 12 Trustees, the church 24.

Stay tuned.

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