Shocking pictures: Ugly riot at Georgetown BB game in Beijing. Duke heads to same venue for game Monday.

✔✔Bad news all around from China.

First, more pictures from Kunshan, that tell the story with more emphasis than the Chronicle's shots. The stands were all but empty in the 6,000 person arena, meaning the city is hardly embracing the new Duke Kunshan University as its own.


You may notice Duke's coaches were not in their customary suit and tie. Kunshan temperature 97, humidity 81.

✔✔✔✔ Also in China... The Georgetown men's basketball team -- on a trip that parallels Duke's -- was involved in a riot in Beijing -- right on the court during a Friendship Game. When order was restored, Georgetown's coach marched his team to the locker room and forfeited.

We have not been able to confirm -- nor get a denial -- if the Chinese team involved in a riot with Georgetown last night is the same team that Duke will face Monday.

These pictures are the easiest to get to on line


There are seven pictures in all in this set. A bit annoying to get to. Shocking!


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