Category 4 hurricane could slam N.C. this weekend

There are several posts this morning. Please be sure to read the analysis of President Brodhead's message Monday afternoon to the faculty on Duke's international ambitions.

✔✔✔✔ Weather update 9 AM Tuesday:

Hurricane Irene shows signs of growing into a Category 4 storm, the 2nd most powerful, and slamming into North Carolina this weekend with force not felt in years. Just in time for upperclass move-in!!

The storm now seems far less likely to landfall in northern Florida, as had been forecast, with Cape Fear, NC now seen as far more likely.

Category 4 means means winds of up to 155 miles an hour that would be "catastrophic."

The storm could hit inland areas (that is Durham) as a Category 3, with winds of 115 miles an hour that are considered "devastating."

At least it should help ease if not end the drought.



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