Kyrie files police report on stalker

Kryrie Irving has filed a police report in his hometown of West Orange, NJ, alleging "Miss Hawaii," Jessica Jackson, is stalking him. He is seeking a restraining order.

The report says the two met once by chance in front of a hotel in Charleston, SC for two minutes. They exchanged greetings and that was it. (Other reports indicate that this meeting was not by chance, that Kyrie and the woman had been in contact on-line for a substantial period of time -- and the woman decided to intercept him. One report says he found the woman looked different from her pictures and tried to ditch her.)

Much of the stalking apparently occurred over Twitter. Jackson has also posted some You Tube videos.

Black Sports on Line has some interesting tidbits, claiming Ms. Jackson is a hooker and is not from Hawaii. In fact she's never been to Hawaii even as a tourist. She's from a housing project in the Bronx, Parkside Public Housing, and her name is Jessica Gaynell Jackson.

There's more about her...about her dealings with other athletes.. and some saucy pictures.


More pictures... if you are into the lurid... are here:


Kyrie -- not yet signed -- says if the NBA lockout continues into the fall, he may return to Duke. To study. Ineligible for college ball.

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