FC ups estimate to $300,000 as we learn names of three more officials on Brodhead's spree to Europe, Asia and Africa

✔✔✔ Fact Checker here. Probative. Provocative. Good day fellow Dukies!

FC has learned the names of three more Duke officials who went along with President Brodhead for at least part of his three continent, three week grand tour. As a result of these additions, FC, who previously used known and estimated figures to put the total cost at $250,000, now can state the trip cost $300,000 or more.

This at a time when other travel budgets are crimped. For example Arts and Sciences down to $100,000 from $500,000.

The new additions:

✔✔ Dean Catherine Gilliss of the School of Nusring

✔✔ Bei Wu, PhD, director of international research for the school.

✔✔ Gann Herman, director of Divinity School's Center for Reconciliation

This information was developed after a tip from a Loyal Reader. Everyone is encouraged to send tips to Duke.Fact.Checker@gmail.com.

Previously we listed the following:

✔ Vice President for public relations and obfuscation Michael Schoenfeld. One report has Mrs. Schoenfeld aboard too, but we cannot confirm this yet.

✔ Alyssa Zamora, a Duke PR person and speech-writer specializing in international news. She is technically assigned to Duke Global Health Institute.

✔ Sterly Wilder, executive director of alumni. We also have information two other Alumni Department staffers are on the trip.

✔ Dr. Michael Merson, and perhaps Mrs. Merson. He is the founding head of Global Health, and is filling in for one year as VP, Global Adventures, given the resignation of Rev. Greg Jones for health reasons.

✔ Kimerly Rorschach, director of the Nasher Museum. We have reports that as many as three curators are with her.

✔ Dean Blair Sheppard of the Fuqua Business School. We have no information yet about his wife, Dr. Martha Putallaz, who wears several hats, including director of the Duke TIP program (Talent Identification Program for kids).

Brodhead himself -- who we believed blogged twice on the three week trip -- gave some hint of the cost when he revealed that at one stop in Africa, a fleet of jeeps ferried officials from one place to another.

Brodhead -- and his mouthpiece Schoenfeld -- have refused FC requests for an interview about the trip. This is one way to avoid pesky questions about what it accomplished. Schoenfeld has also refused specific requests for release of the secret list of people on this "good will" mission.

Gann Herman blogs, "A very good time was had by all!"

Loyal Readers who know others along for this failed trip are invited to send in names. Duke.Fact.Checker@gmail.com

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