2/5/2010 New dorm continued, Keohane Quad K4

7 AM to 7 PM Seven days a week.

While top administrators responsible for this fiasco duck, poor old Joe Gonzalez is sent out to explain. He does not even have authority to give the community newspaper the plans.

Fact Checker is just shaking his head.

What is the big rush on this. Why isn't this disruption being scheduled for this summer?

Who was consulted on this decision -- like all the others? How did Duke decide Dorm K4 is our #1 priority. How did we decide that the proportion of singles will be doubled? Was this the result of student input? If so, when, whom. What other ideas were expressed. What other options were heard.

7 AM seven days a week. Is this the result of input of students living in Keohane, Few and Edens who want to contribute to a greater Duke by having bulldozers and jackhammers jar them awake at 7 AM every day? Right on!!!!

The biggest joke is that this entire dorm is designed to create interaction among students. You bump by accident into someone at the front door and the intellectual waves start to roll. This idea, by the way, was conceived and honed by administrators who sit isolated in Allen Building, reached through a hall that students are barred from. No running into those people face to face by accident.

✔The more I learn of this project, the more I just shake my head.

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