2/10/2010 Election of new Young Trustee

How wonderful it is to see a Trustee of the University elected by stakeholders from a truly competitive field of applicants. And how wonderful it is that we know immediately the outcome of the election.

Compare please with the Adult Board of Trustees. There is a secret process to screen people and the executive committee of the Trustees then proposes one candidate for each vacancy. The Board of Lemmings then approves that one candidate, so far as is known never saying no.

If the new trustee is filling a vacancy, no further action is needed.

If there is a new six year term, the "nomination" is sent to either the alumni or the Methodist Church.

Every other year the alumni leadership gets four names for four vacancies. And so far as is known has always elected that person.

Similarly the Methodist Church gets eight names every other year. So far as is known the Church also goes along with this scam, electing people who may be in the church, may be of different Christian denominations, may not be Christian in their faith at all, and people who do not believe.

The newest trustees were elected during the Lemmings December meeting to fill vacancies. Unlike the immediate announcement of John Harpham's victory, the Lemmings have decreed they won't tell us who got "elected" until they take their seat, presumably next July.

Undergraduates, I hope you cherished and used your right to vote. You will have no further chance as an alumnus

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