2-8-2010 Congress debates student aid; where is Dick Brodhead

Fact Checker here.

It would be interesting to find out if Duke University is lobbying for this legislation, or if it lobbied for other bills within the past two years critical to the financial support of college students.

The Fact Checker Records show that President Brodhead has lobbied personally in Washington -- and held a news conference there -- to gain more federal research dollars for scientific faculty.

How about students?

More recently, he went a day and a half in Washington chasing diverse contacts. This did include a discussion of the GI bill that helps veterans go to college after military careers.

Was there any focus on the broader issue?
Was there leadership at all?

With respect to Pell grants, there is a new study suggesting that the education industry (like Duke University) is the real beneficiary, not students who need help. The tentative conclusion is that Pell grants are enabling round after round of tuition increases, leaving students no better off.

This possibility deserves more exploration.

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