2/4/2010 Student shot, others robbed

Thurs 2-4-2010 editorial / Fact Checker post
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✔This editorial leaves too many unanswered questions.

On Friday evening when Vice President Moneta sent out an e-mail to everyone about the weather, when did he discover that the e-mail was not transmitted. What did he do next?

Within 24 hours, there was a very serious crime: a student was shot twice while he and two others were robbed just off East Campus. Two thugs, the one who did not fire brandished a knife.

Again, Duke officials sent out an e-mail. And it failed.

Moreover, as the editorial notes ..."in recent weeks, multiple e-mails sent by Moneta have not been properly delivered to students."

So what did he do about it?

Chronicle, you should be hammering for answers and be able to give readers a precise report on what is being done to remedy this state of affairs. It did not develop this weekend; it is weeks old.

It does not suffice to soft pedal this as you did, saying "Whether the e-mail mix-ups have been caused by human error or the messages have mysteriously been lost in the tubes of the Internet, the University needs to find out what went wrong and fix it."

Mix-ups? Is that the strongest word you can find?

This newspaper is charged with a greater responsibility: to get off its ass, to get on their tails, to find out specifically what is being done and to assure us when this will be rectified.

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