2/3/2010 Young Trustee

✔You listed Adult Trustees Dan Blue, John J. Mack, Richard Wagoner, even Xiqing Gao.

I will tell you what they all have in common: we are totally in the dark of what they stand for, how they vote, even if they bother to attend meetings. I have never even read anything they wrote or heard them speak about Duke. They are products of a self-perpetuating board, either appointed to fill out a term or subjected to a phony "election" for a full term carried out by either the Alumni Association or Methodist Church. Some election -- one candidate for each seat is nominated.

On the other hand, Chelsea Goldstein, John Harpham or Zachary Perret are standing before us, letting us know their thoughts and going forth in a competitive election.

The key issue in my mind is this: opening up the Trustees. As candidate Adrienne Clough for Graduate Trustee has laudably done, each should pledge to work toward transparency. For me that is posting the agenda, reporting every vote and providing the complete minutes, preliminary in opening the Trustee meetings.

Fellow Dukies, this is your only opportunity to vote for a Trustee. Savor it.

✔ Good day from Fact Checker.

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