Two senior professors openly rally faculty to challenge Kunshan, seeking moratorium and wide-ranging investigation

✔✔✔✔✔ Text of the e-mail from the senior professors:


Less than three weeks ago, the Chronicle published a letter to the editor by Thomas Pfau, Eads Family professor of English and professor of German. The questions that he raised about Duke's thrust into Kunshan ignited immediate, heightened concern over the folly of this initiative.

Today, after deep consultation with colleagues and other stakeholders who love Duke, Pfau is joined by Herbert Kitschelt, the George V. Allen Professsor of Political Science, in a new effort.

For the first time they are openly rallying faculty in support of a petition to the Board of Trustees with a precise plan:

-- an immediate moratorium on Kunshan.

-- a special faculty committee to investigate all aspects of Duke's global expansion. A committee with staff and a budget to hire consultants. Under the proposal, faculty serving on the committee would be temporarily relieved of some teaching duties.

The e-mail is pointed, in that the special committee must do its own research and have information other than that presented by administrators.

While the hope is that faculty will join in the petition, every stakeholder who loves this University should be impelled to express their concern too, by writing the Trustees whose e-mail addresses appear at the end of this essay, as well as other Duke leaders.

Make no mistake: this is a vote of no confidence in the administration of President Brodhead, Provost Lange and Dean Sheppard of the Fuqua Business School.

The call to action -- in the form of e-mail -- was released at midnight Tuesday, so there is no Allen Building reaction so far. Brodhead has a noon-time appearance before employees -- but questions were required in advance so it is uncertain whether this will come up. In Kunshan, the blogger Virgil Adams says he had breakfast with visiting Duke administrators planning the men's basketball team's summer-time visit. They called the Kunshan problem "a communications issue" which the administration is going to address. Yes just a little more P-R spin and it will all be OK.

If that description be accurate, Brodhead and his minion will, once again, have missed the point. This isn't just about communicating what has been done -- although the Brodhead team bungled that and gets an 'F."

It is a petition about the utter failure to engage the faculty, showing contempt for the appropriate processes of collegiality and consultation. It is about failure to invite faculty to the table -- but equally as important to insure that their ideas are incorporated. How can the President of this University -- properly describing Kunshan as the biggest move since James B. Duke's gift in 1924 transformed Trinity College -- have a straight face when he defends faculty involvement by citing a meeting of almost an hour that he had with the executive committee of the Academic Council? Almost an hour!

And the petition is a head-on substantive challenge going right down to the foundation. What should Duke seek by operating internationally? Is Kunshan the best place for it? What are the finances? How is it going to impact upon cash-strapped Duke in Durham?

Every Dukie is indebted to Professors Pfau and Kitschelt for their bravery, for their time and intellect in marshaling so much together in their e-mail.

The Chronicle too earns high praise. Yesterday's editorial on Mr. Brodhead's leadership and the need for a course correction was right on, although FC could not help recalling two editorials in the last academic year saying the same thing. The issue thus becomes, how many lives does a cat have.

Today the Chronicle faced the challenge of including the professors' call to action on the op-ed page, one normally filled at this time of year with good-byes from columnists and seniors. It is a great service to the University to print the excerpts from the document.

✔✔✔ How to contact the Trustees. Fact Checker exclusive. Available nowhere else!

Note - in addition to the e-mail for each individual Trustee, at the end of the list there is a block of the addresses so you can copy and paste the entire thing in an e-mail form. It is suggested you use the BCC function, as the CC will let everyone see that you wrote to everyone!

As of April 15, 2011. The BOT will reorganize and add new members effective July 1, 2011. Please report updates: Duke.Fact.Checker@gmail.com

Biographical information can be obtained on the Trustee website, weak as it is.

Chair Dan Blue

Vice Chair Rick Wagoner

Anne (Mrs. Robert T.) Bass (note there are two people named Anne Bass, both married to the wealthy Bass brothers.). Working on e-mail. Phone 817 390 8400

Jack Bovender

Dick Brodhead
The President is a Trustee, #37

Paula P. Burger

Paula H. Crown

Ralph Eads III

Frank E. Emory Jr.

Paul Farmer MD

Robin A. Ferracone

Ziqing Gao

David Gergen

Thomas M. Gorrie

Janet Hill

Kenneth W. Hubbard

Peter J. Kahn

Sunny Kantha, Young Trustee

Bruce A. Karsh

J. J. Kiser III

Elizabeth Kiss

Marguerite W. Kondracke

John J. Mack

Michael Marsicano

Bishop J Lawrence McCleskey

James P. McDonald Young Trustee

Martha Monserrate

Nancy A. Nasher

Clarence G. Newsome

Ann Pelham

David M. Rubenstein

Alan D. Schwartz

Laurene M. Sperling

Susan Stalnecker

Ryan Todd

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward


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