Durham Police Chief says Crystal Gail Mangum likely to face murder charges

The man who Crystal Gail Mangum is accused of stabbing died last night at Duke Hospital.

There have been several identities and names given for the man. He apparently was 46 year old Reginald Daye, who let Mangum and her three kids move into his apartment after a brief sex fling. The two allegedly argued over rent money.

Daye has been on life support at Duke Hospital since the April 3rd stabbing. His family arranged for the plug to be pulled.

Mangum is the nut case with a long, long rap sheet who falsely charged three Duke lacrosse players with raping her in 2006. The three were declared "innocent" by the North Carolina Attorney General, and prosecutor Michael Nifong, who had believed Mangum, was disgraced, disbarred and sent symbolically to jail for one day.

She escaped charges in that case -- filing false police reports for example -- because the attorney general considered her a nut job.

Since the stabbing she's been in a Durham jail cell on $300,000 bail. Last night Durham's police chief said he expected charges against Mangum to be upgraded to murder.