Rocks thrown through 3 stained glass windows at Duke Chapel

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Duke Police have revealed that early Thursday morning, three of the historic stained glass windows in the Chapel were broken by thrown rocks.

The windows all face the Bryan Center and are thus relatively secluded. They are 30 feet above ground level.

Dean of the Chapel Sam Wells: "The holes in the windows are 5-10" in diameter. The windows are all on the lectern side of the main aisle, representing, respectively, the Wise Men on their way to Bethlehem, Jesus upon a pinnacle, and the Transfiguration."

Wells again: "...the rocks used were perhaps 10" wide, and thus heavy; that they must have been brought some distance, since no materials of the kind are available nearby; and that to make three holes, at the same height, at equally-spaced windows, from a distance of perhaps 40 yards, must have required significant strength and notable accuracy of aim. It does not bear the signs of a spontaneous act of vandalism."

President Brodhead called the vandalism a "sad, stupid act." Duke has said nothing about the value of the windows. Wells indicated a firm that does routine upkeep on the Chapel will be brought in to replace the windows.