Medical researcher faked Rhodes Scholarship

Fact Checker here. (Please read update below)

As (the Chronicle article today) suggests, Duke has thus far only addressed one aspect of the Potti case: his resume and whether he padded it in a big way by awarding himself a Rhodes Scholarship.

For this, Duke suspended this clown.

There is another dimension: Potti was recruiting more patients for three clinical trials, and top genetics experts want them stopped. Dr. Kevin Coombes at Houston's famed M D Anderson Cancer Center declared "I think those clinical trials should be stopped and the science behind them should be investigated."

Duke has specifically refused to comment on this... the status of the clinical trials.

Some of Potti's work is supported by a $750,000 grant from the American Cancer Society. Its chief medical officer is demanding more information from Duke -- and may want its money back.

Fact Checker's conclusion: Duke University must appoint an independent panel of people of the highest ethical standing -- medical alumni for example. They would investigate everything, including whether Duke had sufficient warning from the earlier episode of Potti's "science" that it should have had a better grip on his claims and activities now.

Allow me, please to update:

Duke has now taken further action and suspended new patient enrollment in the three clinical trials Potti was supervising. This after a nation-wide uproar, with doctors not only at MD Anderson but also at Harvard, Princeton and Johns Hopkins speaking out.

Two of these clinical trials involved lung cancer. The third breast cancer.

Duke seemly has addressed new patient enrollment. Fact Checker does not know if Potti had patients already enrolled who are continuing.

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