Guess what the buffoons put on Duke's website

4:46 PM on Wednesday

I am checking Duke's home page and its PR website to see if there is ANYTHING from Brodhead or Dzau, anything reassuring to stakeholders and patients. Maybe some details about the crisis investigation, the names of the people assigned, their timetable, their authority to obtain full information, maybe a pledge from Brodhead that this will be thorough regardless of the outcome. Maybe a pledge from Dzau that the 107 or 109 people receiving treatment according to the designs of "Doctor" Potti, "MD" will be thoroughly evaluated (possibly by doctors from outside Duke who have nothing to lose) to see if they are on the right course.

Maybe a follow up by Dr Cuffe who promised last week that there would be a conclusion this week on Potti's resume lies, although it would take longer to verify his science and research.

And what do I find. Nothing from Brodhead nor Dzau. But front and center on the PR page there is a link to a CNN story. It's there because a Duke expert is quoted. The headline is rather ironic: "Crisis management 101: What can BP CEO Hayward's mistakes teach us?"


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