It's NOT a lacrosse scandal!!

Duke University bulldozes 610 N Buchanan Blvd.

✔ Fact Checker here.

Why does the Chronicle persist in using the term "lacrosse scandal?"

Fact Checker finds a very sick woman who brought false charges of rape and other sex crimes. Why isn't this the Crystal Gail Mangum scandal?

Fact Checker finds a district attorney who was disbarred, convicted of criminal contempt of court and sentenced to jail for his actions, which the chair of the North Carolina State Bar Disciplinary Committee stated involved "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation." Why isn't this the Mike Nifong scandal?

At the very least, why isn't this the lacrosse hoax?

David Evans, one of those falsely accused, made a very eloquent point about the declaration of the State Attorney General that the players were "innocent." He said no matter what he becomes in life, no matter what he accomplishes, he will always be one of the three Duke lacrosse players charged with rape.

There is no reason for The Chronicle to abet this injustice.

As for the substance of the Chronicle article, it could be read to suggest that Duke University rented the home at 610 North Buchanan to students, including members of the lax team. This is wrong. Duke bought the property shortly before the March 13 lies by Mangum and Nifong started -- but the sale provided that people living in the houses would be allowed to stay until the end of their leases. In the case of the lax players, the end of the semester.

Duke has followed this precise course with other properties in the city, often in areas where student presence provoked many neighborhood complaints.

The Chronicle states that in 2009, Executive President Trask contacted lawyers involved in continuing litigation about the hoax and they refused to sign off on letting Duke demolish the house. Not stated, but presumably the reason was that the house might prove to be necessary evidence. What has changed since then? Are the lawsuits on the verge of settlement? Have the plaintiffs' lawyers signed off on this?

Chronicle, you have to get more probative and provocative.

✔And Harry Lime, thank you for your post, reminding us how much symbolism arose at 610 N Buchanan.


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