As some of you may have heard already, Anil Potti announced today that he will officially resign from his faculty position at Duke.

In a letter to me, he accepted full responsibility for a series of anomalies in data handling, analysis and management that have come under scrutiny in the > past months. This provides some closure for Anil and now allows all of us to refocus our attention on the ongoing efforts in genome science and its translation, in time, into clinical medicine.

While this news represents a turning point of sorts, it is important to note that the various investigations will continue, as will our own efforts in the IGSP to review and evaluate the science in question.

Let there be no doubt that this turn of events represents a tragedy for Anil and his family, as well as for those who have worked closely with Anil in his lab, throughout the IGSP and in the Department of Medicine.

I hope you all join me in wishing Anil well and will offer support to
those -- especially in his lab and among his collaborators -- who have
been most impacted by this news.

As dismaying as this series of events is, it provides an opportunity for
reflection about what we do and how we do it, and it offers important, if painful, lessons for us all. I will have more to say about those in the days and weeks ahead.

in the meantime, let us remember, especially at this time of year, all
that Anil has done to positively influence the lives of many of his > colleagues, trainees, friends and Patients. The loss of any member
of our family is difficult, and I ask you to keep that in your thoughts

> Hunt