Hey Chronicle staff: news is news when it happens, not when you get around to it.

For some time Fact Checker has been concerned about the slouching pace at the Chronicle. Moreover, its delay in bringing us important news stories seems to be growing.

Today (November 5) is a good example. There is a major story about a large gift to the Pediatrics Department. But FC reported this October 13th, highlighting what appeared two days earlier in Duke's Annual Financial Report.

Apparently no one at The Chronicle cared enough to read the financial report carefully or to follow up on FC.

The university itself issued a full press release on the gift October 26.

Another example -- today's Chronicle reports on research on a "hard hat" that will potentially aid construction workers. This was in the Durham Herald Sun last August 23rd. Yes August.

You want more -- today's Chronicle carries a story about the cost of obesity to American business. This was the subject of an October 8 handout from Duke's PR department. Yes a month ago.

Another example -- Last week, Fact Checker reported the blockbuster news that Dr Potti's research colleague had admitted their work was phony as a $3 bill. That was early Thursday evening; in the hours before the post, FC tipped several editors of the Chronicle as a courtesy. It was the Chronicle lead story on Monday.

Another example: FC made available to Chronicle editors all the data about salaries and bonuses to administrators three weeks before the Herald Sun published an op-ed. A slim offering of this information appeared in the Chronicle, as the lead story, only after Divinity students held a protest demonstration. Time lapse: six weeks. (Yes, Mr. Brodhead, wiggle all you might, I know you have tried to impeach this research by saying the payments are not bonuses at all, but your official tax filings call these payments "bonuses.")

Chronicle motto: If it is news to you, it's news to us!!