Official statement: Duke says a 2nd Potti paper is headed for the garbage heap. And his experiments on humans stopped.

Duke continues to dribble out information. This is the Friday afternoon trick that PR people at the university have used before -- hoping everyone is in weekend mode and won't focus on the bad news. Please scroll down to two earlier posts for Potti resignation and text.

The new tidbit is a blockbuster: a second journal article, with Dr Potti in the lead and his mentor Dr Joseph Nevins as co-author is going to be withdrawn.

Text of PR announcement:

"Dr. Potti's collaborator, Joseph Nevins, Ph.D., has initiated a process intended to lead to a retraction request regarding a paper previously published in Nature Medicine. This process has been initiated due to concerns about the reproducibility of reported predictors, and their possible effect on the overall conclusions in this paper. Other papers published based on this science are currently being reviewed for any concerns.

"The three clinical trials based on this science for which new enrollment was suspended in mid-July, have been closed."

That last line means that Potti's experiments on human beings are being stopped. Duke has insisted that this research caused no harm -- but there are some heavyweights lined up in the other direction.

More later.