Fact Checker slams Brodhead, Dean Wells for failure to lead against prejudice

Loyal Readers: be sure you scroll down. There are three important posts this Monday morning.

Thank you for this heartfelt column. (Gay Chronicle columnist discusses harassment, particularly of young Americans)

Let us not think the problem is elsewhere. At Rutgers, at Johnson and Wales University.

The problem is at Duke and so is the silence from our administrators.

Mr. Brodhead, if you need more information about the people who call others fags, or refer to the LGBT Center as the Faggot Center, or use the term "S-on-D" let me know.

If you need more information about the student who put a note addressed to a N-- under the bedroom door of a woman he does not know, let me know. Or who followed it up with a note about Kentucky Fried Chicken, and who then went around boasting about his achievements, let me know.

And you might want to ask Larry Moneta about the witness who has come forward about acts of racism a month ago and wrote FC. With permission, this letter was forwarded to your VP for Student Life. This witness has NEVER been contacted. What a shameful performance, particularly by Larry, because I have news for him, the same people saying Fag and N-- also referred to a Jew Pig.

Maybe that gets closer to home for him.

Mr. Brodhead, you have been silent. Dean Wells, you have an important pulpit.

When Martin Luther King was finally allowed to speak at Duke half a century ago, he focused on people on the sidelines, people of presumed good will who were silent. He said these people were morally equivalent to segregationists.

Think about it. And get back to me for details, Mr President and Mr Dean, when your conscience wakes up and you are ready to be the leaders you should be.