Duke tries to sneak its new financial report by Fact Checker by releasing it Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend!!

Friday 2:34 PM

Duke University has just released its annual financial report for the academic year 2009-2010.

Deputy Fact Checkers are at work. We will have an analysis as soon as possible.

We note the timing: released Friday afternoon of a long holiday weekend.

Loyal Readers will undoubtedly recall that Duke issued its report on the "issues" in Dr. Potti's resume (translation: multiple, relevant, serious lies) on a Friday afternoon too. It's the time for those of us who love Duke to be alert to messages the administration would like to bury.

The cover of the new report from executive vice president Tallman Trask report is most curious: a picture of the steam plant.

Yes, the steam plant, that age-old symbol of Duke University!!!! It's just like the photography that welcomes you to the website, eight pictures that alternate, only one of which (cheering the basketball team) could in any way whatsoever suggest DUKE! Check it out. www.duke.edu

Please check back for an update.