Potti Scandal: More resume lies revealed

We have two additions this morning to the list of faked honors that Potti has claimed:

American Society of Clinical Oncology says it never gave Potti an award.

Lymphoma Research Foundation says ditto.

The American Society of Hematology previously said it had not honored Potti as claimed.

In one application for money to the Department of Defense, believed to be for breast cancer research, Potti listed 22 honors, not one of which has yet been confirmed. A Fact Checker count of honors listed on all available documents is now 39.

Loyal Readers can recite of course the major lies: faked Rhodes Scholarship and faked fellowship at an Australian university that does not exist. Not to mention Potti's listing of a mentor who said he was "flabbergasted" because he never heard of him. And of course the three different years in which he received his MD.

Duke is investigating Potti's credentials. To this hour, Duke has said NOTHING about investigating how Potti slipped in, if someone did not do his or her job in vetting him, or if there is an institutional failure. Fact Checker imagines this would be of interest to the President of a University being battered by scandal, or at least a president showing leadership in the face of scandal.

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  1. Submitting false information in a grant request for federal money might be considered a crime. But worse, from the university's point of view, is that such conduct might lead the federal government to closely scrutinize or even curtail such grants to Duke in the future (which is the kiss of death for any research university).

    The Brodhead Administration, which was indifferent to the FERPA rights of its students during the lacrosse case (and which incurred no penalty as a result) may now be shown to have been indifferent to other federal requirements. Perhaps they thought they would never be caught; or if caught, would never be called to account?


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