Matory out as African American Studies chair

Fact Checker has just learned that Professor J. Lorand Matory is out as chair of African and African American Studies.

Matory's appointment, effective July, 2009, was hailed as a coup -- with the long-time Harvard professor coming to Duke after receiving promises of substantial support. It's believed the unannounced change was made at the end of May, immediately after Matory conducted the annual graduation for students in the department.

This timetable would mean Matory lasted less than a year. He apparently remains on the faculty as a full professor.

A Deputy Fact Checker has been assigned. There is a story here!!

Dean Angela Rand is listed in the department directory as "interim administrative contact." It's not known why the Brodhead Administration turned to her, rather than utilizing associate professor Wahneema Lubiano, who is director of undergraduate studies, or associate professor Michaeline Crichlow, who is director of graduate studies.

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