Potti Mess: Official Duke Statement

Durham, NC -- When the Cancer Letter and other sources raised allegations of inaccuracies in Dr. Anil Potti's curriculum vitae and research, Duke University immediately took the following actions:

1. A complete review of the credentials and claims Dr. Potti made in his CV and biosketches, to be led by Provost Peter Lange.

2. A research misconduct inquiry to be conducted as specified by Duke policies and Federal law; and

3. Efforts to facilitate the initiation of an independent, external investigation of the science in question by one of the country's leading research bodies, to which Duke would supply any and all data and information, but would otherwise have no involvement.

The first part of the investigation - the review of credentials -- has now been completed. Issues of substantial concern were identified, and have resulted in corresponding sanctions.

However, a final decision about Dr. Potti's future status as a Duke employee and faculty member will also be informed by the results of the research misconduct inquiry and the independent external evaluation of the science. Until such time, he will remain on administrative leave from his research, teaching and clinical responsibilities.

Dzau Memo Details Ongoing Investigation

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