1/21/2010 Selection of Trustees, Young Trustees

Fact Checker here. Good day!

It is wonderful to see the level of interest -- 15 candidates for one job!!

It is wonderful to see the process of selection at work -- and people trying to perfect that process!!

Compare that please to the clandestine way in which our Board of Adult Trustees operates.

Do you know that at a recent meeting, the Adult Board elected two new members from a secret list that was two names long -- and it won't even tell us who those new Trustees are? We have to wait until they actually take office (I assume next July) to find out.

What reason in hell is there for secrecy? On this. On everything. What an unhealthy way to run the show.

And a suggestion: elect as a Young Trustee only someone pledged to work to make Trustee meetings open, to announce the agenda, to report on all votes and to publish full minutes.

Students should demand this of their Young Trustee; the alumni should demand it of their 12 Trustees. And the Methodist Church should stop participating in the falsehood of claiming to elect 24 Trustees, as well as demand its Trustees follow the above course.

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