1/21/2010 Central Campus

Fact Checker here.

I am very interested in the statement in this article that Central Campus will see an "influx" of new police officers. And I regret that the Chronicle just let this pass, and did not delve into it.

I am mindful that after at least two of the incidents of Durham-on-Duke violence, we heard promises of more Duke Police patrols. The newspaper did not report any specifics then either.

Where are these officers coming from? Is Duke hiring? I think not.

What areas are being stripped to favor Central Campus?

How many officers have been patrolling Central, and what does the influx entail?

Is Duke buying more marked police cars?

I am mindful too that Dr Trask -- whose responsibilities specifically embrace Duke Police -- has advocated in the past fewer regular, fully trained armed police officers, and more cheaper security guards hired from private companies. With gunshots on campus last weekend, with a murder of a graduate student still in our hearts and the shooting of an undergraduate more recently, I would be curious to learn if this approach is still his view.

Ahhh the fence. This would seem unprecedented at Duke. How high? How much of an area does it embrace? To be effective, it will have to look like the Berlin Wall or that barrier Israel is building against Palestinians. Is this what we want? Have our relations with Durham come to this point?

This article also states "Once Mill Village is completed, administrators will address other issues affecting Central students, such as safety and transportation." This cries out for explanation too. How are these linked? Can't administrators chew gum and walk at the same time? Why do safety and transportation have to await the completion of the Village.

Lastly, Mill Village itself. The picture suggests it is not very big, and I would be interested in knowing more about it. How can a place to work out (and shower afterward?) a place to eat and a place to hang out all be embraced therein.

Fact Checker appreciates your time in reading this.

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