Wow. A Trustee who will be actually elected!

Chronicle reports a new by-law adopted by student government, allowing a direct vote by undergraduates for the Student Trustee.


Fact checker here.

Cherish the right to vote for the young Trustee. It's the last ballot you will ever cast for a member of the Board.

And cherish too the right to hear where the candidates stand. And to be able to pick from more than one choice.

Behind closed doors this coming weekend, our regular (adult) Trustees will receive from their Executive Committee two names, one for a current vacancy and one for an anticipated opening, both bubbling up behind closed doors.

These will be rubber stamped. Just like you can count on Fact Checker, you can count on the plenary meeting of the Trustees to do this. I call them "The Self-Perpetuators."

Depending on whether an alumni or church seat is involved, each nominee will be "elected" by the non-elected alumni leadership or by the leaders of the North Carolina Methodist Church.

Why the church of all people puts up with this charade. No, let me use a stronger word. Why the church puts up with this falsehood is beyond me.

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