12-1-2009 Where was Brodhead?

Fact Checker here.

Question: what did our President do specifically to encourage Congress to improve the student loan program.

I would like to hear from the University PR people -- or Mr Brodhead himself if he ever emerges.

When Mr Brodhead went to Washington in Feb 2008 with other university presidents to lobby for federal research funds, the PR office turned out reams of material. Nationally his presence was washed out by the new (first female) president of Harvard.

And I know Mr Brodhead was in Washington in March 2009, where he had a "whirlwind 28-hour trip" to talk to a "long list" of government officials. Quoting the Chronicle.

Among them was the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, where the discussion focused on a very narrow segment of the student body, veterans needing help to obtain an undergraduate education.

The PR man who hovered over Brodhead said the trip included discussion of the stimulus bill, which does have tangential relationship to the larger issue of student aid.

Is that it? Is that all he did?

What did he do as Congress in the last three years -- even before the financial meltdown -- faced many crucial questions on student aid that are so critical to Dukies?

Fact Checker is also Fact Learner, so some details would be in order.

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