Chronicle editorial pointed out neglect of women's issues by President Brodhead.
My post contained an error about political parties, specifically with regard to Tallman Trask. That portion is eliminated.

Fact Checker here

Thank you Chronicle for this important editorial.

I have counted heads in the senior leadership of the university --executive officers, the university-wide vice presidents, the deans of the schools. Separately I have counted the Trustees who meet in plenary session starting Friday.

Here are official Fact Checker numbers:


Male 23, female 5

Of those five, four were appointed by Brodhead. They include Dr Nancy Andrews, the first female at the helm of a major medical school. The others: the university counsel, Dean of the Graduate School and Dean of the Nursing School. Brodhead inherited the vice president for information technology.

While Mr Brodhead did appoint those four in his five and a half years since migrating from Yale, he is also responsible for 15 male appointments, including Chancellor Dzau whom he signed off on prior to his actual arrival at Duke.

Fact Checker presents the numbers. You tell me if you are satisfied.

There are of course many ways to cut statistics beyond male-female:

Of 19 major appointments, Brodhead promoted from within only five times, bringing in "outsiders" on 14 occasions.

So far as Fact Checker can determine, and there are ever any errors in my meticulous research I acknowledge them publicly, Brodhead has appointed only one alum.

That's Michael Schoenfeld, whose responsibilities do not embrace academics, research or medicine, but revolve on promoting our brand and protecting our image. (Detour: the careful reader of the Chronicle will note he was quoted in 13 stories in September, 7 in October and only 3 in November. The Chronicle is properly going to the actual newsmakers, not the filter and manipulator of news)

The racial profile of our top leadership is also revealing. Here again I caution that getting this information about Duke is most difficult but here goes.

Brodhead appointed two blacks, and as previously noted with respect to Chancellor Dzau, an Asian, he signed off on him. Brodhead inherited one black.


12 are female, with one vacancy on the board that includes 36 members plus the president ex officio.

Seven of the current women joined the self-perpetuating board during the Brodhead years. These include the president of the alumni, ex officio, over whom the Self Perpetuators (as I call the Trustees) had no influence.

During the Brodhead years, there were at least 13 males named to the Board. Young Trustees are included in the totals if they currently vote.

Final note: I raised my eyebrows when the Chronicle noted that Mr Brodhead has not made a public statement on the women's council since 2008. What's news about that?

✔Fact Checker wishes you a good day. And may every student be lucky enough to have final exams that center on the reading that she or he did do.

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