Students at Wuhan University pelt Chinese official responsible for internet censorship

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The French news agency APF and blogs are carrying stories from Wuhan University -- Duke's silent partner in the new Duke Kunshan University -- that some students used eggs and shoes to pelt a speaker: Fang Binxing, creator of the firewall that restricts internet access in China.

Deep in Duke's Planning Guide for Kunshan, the possibility that students, faculty or staff might become "embroiled in wide-ranging public controversy" is mentioned because it could hurt Duke's reputation. There is no elaboration. But Loyal Readers, if it happened at Wuhan, it can happen at Kunshan.

Following from APF: Fang told the Global Times newspaper in a rare interview in February that he had endured "dirty abuse ... as a sacrifice for my country".

He defended the "Great Firewall" as an urgent necessity and said the censorship technology should be made even stronger.

"Drivers just obey the rules," Fang said, comparing web controls to traffic controls. "So citizens should just play with what they have."