Central Campus: Student awakes at 4 AM to find intruder in apartment

There are several posts this morning. Please scroll down for our story on Cisco Systems, likely to lay off thousands to boost profits; the chief executive officer is Duke's Commencement speaker on Sunday.

Duke Police have released only the skimpiest of details. At 4 AM Thursday, a student sleeping in his or her apartment, which was unlocked, awoke to find an intruder.

Luckily, the suspect fled. There is a weak description: 5'9", race unknown, thin build, short hair, wearing jeans, t-shirt, and gloves.

Duke's emergency website does not list any alerts; an e-mail blast did go out approximately 90 minutes after the crime.

Campus Police have listed Central Campus as one of four areas that they are giving "extra" patrols. But Vice President for Public Relations and Obfuscation Michael Schoenfeld has refused and refused to give FC information about staffing. He won't even tell us if Duke Police are staffed up to the levels pledged in the Clery Report.

Historically breaking and entering an occupied home at night with intent to commit a serious crime was a capital offense in North Carolina. This is a very very serious crime.