Potti Mess: Scientist says worst is still to come

✔ As the Institute of Medicine (IOM) begins its formal investigation into Dr. Anil Potti and his colleagues...

there is an ominous prediction from one of the scientists who blew the lid off the Potti Mess.

"Hold on folks, the ride’s just beginning."

Those words came from Dr. Keith Baggerly of the University of Texas, MD Anderson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Houston.

He gave an update at the fourth joint international meeting of the IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics) and ISBA (International Society for Bayesian Analysis). Yes, it's highly technical stuff and unless you have a Ph.D. or MD, you do not have a prayer of following it, but here's the link:


Baggerly revealed the Institute of Medicine -- a learned society which agreed to undertake the investigation of the Duke scandal last fall but which is just now beginning its work -- has received about 550 pages of documents relating to the false science and clinical trials perpetrated by Potti.

And Baggerly posted a list of documents the IOM should seek -- even suggesting that if Duke balks (it has pledged it won't) the National Institute of Cancer, a federal agency, should issue subpoenas.

Representatives from the IOM and the NIC met in late December, with that possibility reportedly under discussion.

As previously stated, FC is at work on significant developments, with research taking far longer than anticipated. Check back.