2/24/2010 Chronicle lacked perspective on Haganah

Fact Checker does not believe Haganah merits the explanatory phrase, "the Israeli freedom fighters." Nor the unmodified jubilation of Scott Gorlick at her presence.

Over time Haganah morphed and I have no knowledge of precisely when Dr Ruth, whom I admire greatly for her candor and humor on sex, actively participated and when she merely acquiesced.

Let's make clear: the organization supported and enabled secret immigration in violation of British law. In one flip, the organization worked with the British to kidnap, interrogate, torture and in some cases deport Jews with whom it politically disagreed, specifically members of the Irgun. In other words, Haganah participated in renditions just like our CIA.

And in another flip flop, Haganah, Irgun, which sponsored mass terror, and Lehi, which sponsored individual terror, merged. One result was the terrorist bombing of the British HQ, the south wing of the King David Hotel, killing 91 including hotel guests who were citizens of many countries and innocent people walking by on the street.

It is a disservice to history to simply identify Haganah as "Israeli freedom fighters."

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