Fact Checker Too. Additional items of interest. Nick Altermose wins huge award. Kyrie's boot gone!! Yale rocked by sex party

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Headlines for Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5:

✔✔ Nick Altermose '11 has won a huge Howard Hughes Medical Institute Award.
Already the recipient of a Marshall scholarship for two years at Oxford, he's now been selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to receive almost $250,000 for five more years of graduate study. How many check marks is that!!!!!!!!

✔✔ Duke security officer saves a life.
Although not reported at the time in any PR release nor media, Security Officer Charles Norris encountered a man choking and tugging at his mouth and throat in a Duke clinic waiting area on February 8. Norris got behind the seated man, eased him forward and struck his back once, dislodging a portion of a sandwich.

✔✔ Kyrie loses boot, begins basketball activities. Just in time for spring break, Kyrie Irving '14 no longer has a protective boot over his foot. And it's likely he will begin some light basketball activity. Coach K: "We're not expecting him to play" this season.

✔✔ Sex party rocks Yale. YALE is being rocked by allegations growing out of a private party (apparently an initiation) for Pundits, the university's prank group. People were instructed to disrobe and engage in various sexual activities -- with Yale Police thinking some of this amounted to illegal hazing. Come on FC, tell us about the sex. Well several people were selected for same sex kissing, and one Yale gentleman had a penis pressed to his face. Several people sought hospital treatment, apparently from alcohol abuse.

Yale has a house system that is supposed to solve culture problems like this. When last seen, Dick Brodhead was heading to New Haven for the spring break to instruct them on the quad and dorm model.

✔✔ Harvard is putting out the welcome mat for Navy ROTC. Harvard's president and the Secretary of the Navy have signed a contract for ROTC to return to campus. Over the generations, Harvard has given the nation 17 recipients of the Medal of Honor (often called the Congressional Medal of Honor) behind West Point with 82 and Annapolis with 74. ROTC was driven off Harvard's campus as a protest against the Vietnam War, and stayed off because of Don't Ask, Don't Tell discrimination against gays. With that absurd law dying, Columbia, Yale and Brown are also weighing ROTC programs.

✔✔ Potti Mess. Additional identification of co-authors.
In our last post, we noted that 8 Duke scientists had joined Dr Anil Potti in withdrawing an article on lung cancer from the New England Journal of Medicine. We now have just gotten biographical information on some:

Susan Mukherjee. Statistic science professor pursuing research in complex diseases.

Michael Kelley MD, lung cancer specialist. Co-chair of the "Protocol Review and Monitoring System" for Duke's Cancer Institute.

Jason Koontz MD. We have traced only one Jason Koontz and he's a cardiologist. Deputy FC's continue to investigate.