Leadership!!! Brodhead discovers the Dream Act

✔ Fact Checker here.

Mr Brodhead, here is the list of presidents of US News and World Report Top 10 universities (*Duke is in a three way tie for 9, 10, and 11) and when they spoke out.

Harvard -- Sept 15, 2010 - Having expressed her support informally before, President Drew G. Faust personally went to Capitol Hill with a student who would be affected to lobby. As early as May, 2009 she had spoken out strongly.

Princeton -- Feb 18, 2010 - President Tilghman announced support.

Yale -- Sept 21, 2010 - President Richard Levin told students he supports the Dream Act, his first public statement after declining to speak out in the past.

Columbia - June 2, 2010 -- University President Lee Bollinger has offered his "strongest endorsement" of the DREAM Act.

Stanford - May, 2010 - Stanford President John Hennessy conveyed his full support, joining the UC Berkeley and UCLA Chancellors, University of Florida president, the University of Washington president and others.

CalTech - Before April 24, 2009, President Jean-Lou Chameaue expressed support.

MIT - President Susan Hockfield spoke out before September 21, 2010.

Dartmouth - Former President James Wright spoke out on December 1, 2006, and President Jim Yong Kim has endorsed the proposal throughout his tenure.

University of Chicago - President Robert J. Zimmer spoke out on Oct 23 2007

A review of the Chronicle archive and the archives for Duke News reveals no previous statement by Mr. Brodhead. Indeed the letter to Senator Hagan is stealth -- not yet available in a Duke press release.