11/30/2009 In praise of Coach Cut and Pres Brodhead

Fact Checker here.

I'm serious about this comment: let's not forget that President Brodhead recruited Coach Cut (and athletic director White) to Duke, two of his best moves. He also had a role in keeping Coach K.

And yes, from top to bottom, lots of coaches and administrators should emulate Cokes with Coach Cut.

Shout it: GO DUKE

So far as the football budget is concerned, the editorial says it should not be increased. I am not so sure about that: when the sport finds new revenue with a better record, and big dollars will come through, football is entitled to a substantial slice.

The greater danger is that football's budget will be cut, for already Duke's annual contribution to all athletics is down 3.3 percent, with another hit to come next year. The athletic department has a six stage plan to meet this shortfall and others it anticipates; it is my understanding we are seeing stage one and I would hope the Chronicle would outline what the other options are so all of Duke's stakeholders can fulfill their responsibility to speak up -- for more money or less -- as we go forward.

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