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posted 9/01/09 @ 2:39 AM EST

And now more Fuqua news from Fact Checker.

Duke, Dubai and deviants

This summer, Frank Lombard, associate director of Duke's Center for Health Policy, was arrested on federal charges stemming from his pimping his five year old adopted black son to another pervert. Unfortunately for Lombard, the other guy was a weasel, already facing pedophile charges and trying to gain favor with the feds by ratting on others.

If you are repulsed, fellow Dukies, read on. Because Fact Checker has learned that Lombard's internet sales operation was kid stuff -- if you will pardon the expression -- compared to the activities of the Arab sheikh in Dubai that Duke has just partnered with.

This is part of Fuqua's new International MBA program, and Fact Finder will address this venture directly in another post. But for now, we look at the man involved.

As Duke's PR office announced, the Fuqua School reached an agreement "under the patronage" of the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum, the important Dubai ruler who quite possibly will be the next leader of the entire region, the United Arab Emirates.

Many of Duke's students in the new international MBA will spend their Dubai rotation (there are also four other cities) at a school the Sheik founded and modestly named for himself, the Mohammad Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development. No feminists or other infidels need apply.

So Mohammad's name will appear alongside the names Fuqua and Duke through out the world. Perhaps even on Masters Degrees themselves.

Fellow Dukies, tell Fact Checker if you are comfortable getting into bed with this dude, posting a diploma with his name at your desk:

When he is not busy raping oil money from his nation (2008 Forbes Magazine estimate, personal wealth, $18 billion) or tending to his senior wife, his junior wife, eight sons and eleven daughters, Mohammad is involved in racing. He has a vast empire of stables for breeding and training as well as his own competitive tracks, making him the big kahuna in this sport.

No, no, not horses.

Camels. Thousands of camels.

And when you have herd after herd of camels, they need lots of care. Hiring Arabs can get expensive, so Mohammad has joined with his brother to resolve this pesky issue:

Members of their tribe, acting on Mohammad's personal command, Allah Akbar, go into other countries to kidnap young boys. Places like Bangladesh and Pakistan. The tribesmen pose as a parent to clear the boys through borders, then bring them to the stables deep in the Dubai desert where they become slaves.

The lucky boy-slaves (aged 2 to 12) only serve the animals, bringing feed and water, carting their waste, exercising them and learning to be jockeys. Those less lucky are also turned into sex slaves for the pleasure of the humps in charge.

TENS OF THOUSANDS of young boys have been kidnapped. In the name of the man whose name may well now be engraved on Duke diplomas. The man Duke has partnered with.

Fact Checker gets this information from a 2005 report from the U S State Department on international sex and slave trade:

"The children... work long hours in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, live in unsanitary conditions, receive little food, and are deprived of sleep so that they do not gain weight and increase the load on the camels they race.

"They are trained and kept under the watchful eyes of handlers, who employ abusive control tactics, including threats and beatings. Some are reportedly abused sexually. Many have been seriously injured and some have been trampled to death by camels."

Trampled? Yes, you see in Mohammad's races, the jockeys are often so young they do not know enough to hang on to their saddles, so the boys have to be bound in place. Sometimes a knot gets loose, leaving the poor boy dangling by one restraint, in which case he falls under the camel, between its galloping four legs, meeting death as the hoofs alternate between stomping the sand and stomping the boy.

Dukies, as surely as Mohammad's name joins those of Fuqua and Duke, be advised there is more.

Mohammad's personal thugs also force hormones on the boys. That's to keep their voices from changing as they grow older. You see camels respond best to high pitched screams.

When the boys get too old, you know, 13, they are dumped. Sold on the international market just like barrels of petroleum.

More from the U S State Department report: Mohammad is "one of the most active participants" in world slave trade.

His name, Fuqua and Duke. Perhaps even on our diplomas!!

Human rights activists say as many as 30,000 boys from South Asia and Africa have been victimized in "one of the greatest humanitarian crimes of the last 50 years."

Mohammad and his band "robbed parents of their children and boys of their childhoods, their futures and sometimes their lives, for the craven purposes of entertainment and financial gain."

Some lucky boys have escaped with help from UNICEF. They go to repatriation centers, get $10 US in cash and a bike.

Comfortable with our bed-mate? How about if a decision is made, as it was in Singapore, to issue a joint degree. Stare at that diploma, Dukies!!! Duke, Fuqua and the Mohammad Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development. Signed: Richard Brodhead

So to Dean Shepperd (no pun intended, shepherd, got it?) of Fuqua, faculty at the business school and some fa ultyfrom the Sanford School too, and Dick Brodhead:

When you are in Dubai luxuriating on one of the Palm Islands cut from the Gulf, checking into the lavish Burj Al Arab hotel or gaping upward at the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, please remember the other dimension of your host.

If you get the opportunity meet the Sheik, will you bow? Will you shake his hand? Will you accept the kind invitation to the camel races?

Or will your stomach turn at Duke's latest international partner.

Thank you for reading Fact Checker!

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