Aug 25 - Conflict of interest, student health plan

Fact Checker

posted 8/25/09 @ 2:33 AM EST

Ah hah.

Fact #1 (which I did not know previously, I must admit) Blue Cross of NC provided Duke students with health insurance for 30 years.

Fact #2 the president of Blue Cross became a Duke Trustee in 1970 and served as chair from 1971 to 1983, at which point he secured for himself a sinecure within the Duke Health System.

Rest assured, my fellow Dukies, there is no tie between #1 or #2.

Just like there was no tie between years of crappy food and Aramark (anyway, thanks for VonDerHayden Pavilion).

Fact Checker currently is studying conflicts of interest on the current Board of Trustees, and does not like what is turning up. Not at all.

News tip: this will be big and explosive.

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