Key report in Potti Mess released

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The august Institute of Medicine has completed its intensive and deep review of the Anil Potti scandal and issued a report that runs 300 pages.

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Potti: papers missing. He had keys

Court papers show that Dr Anil Potti -- who now claims he has no paperwork or other documentation of his years at Duke University -- kept the keys to his office and lab for four months after his suspension.

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University of Michigan cancer surgeon emerges, says he warned Duke about Potti as early as 2006.

Experts say Duke, Potti and Nevins would have raked in $2 billion a year from Potti’s genome testing of cancer patients.

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Missouri acts against Anil Potti's license to practice medicine

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Dr. Anil Potti -- just days before the 60 Minutes broadcast that cost him his job in South Carolina -- received a license to practice medicine in Missouri for the first time.

Now Missouri officials -- taking note of his faked resume and reports of research misconduct -- have subjected Potti to a "public reprimand."

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