Potti no longer practicing in South Carolina

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Without using the word fired, or any other characterization, the Coastal Cancer Center in Myrtle Beach has confirmed that Dr. Anil Potti is out of there.

The Center blamed Potti's hiring on his colleagues at Duke University who wrote "glowing" letters of recommendation.

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Anil Potti fired??

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The name of dr Anil Potti no longer appears on the website of the Coastal Cancer Center in South Carolina.

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Duke University, Duke Medicine back gay families

Duke has issued a strong statement that stops just short of urging a NO vote on the proposed state constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.

The statement says recognition of gay families is essential for Duke in recruiting and retaining faculty, staff and students.

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Cancer quack Potti to dying patient: "I will help you. Trust me."

"60 Minutes" explored the fraud of Dr. Anil Potti last night. Potti declined to appear, but his mentor at Duke University, Dr Joseph Nevins, gave a strong presentation.

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Saga of Anil Potti continues

There are three important developments this weekend in the Anil Potti Mess.

First, Sunday evening CBS News will devote the first segment of 60 Minutes to the scandal.

Second, for the first time, a Duke official has conceded that Potti's patients were exposed to great risk by his clinical trials. That is, by his experiments on human patients.

And to round out the ignominious weekend, a leading medical journal has published "corrections" to two Potti "research" papers -- deep corrections, making one wonder why the entire article was not zapped.

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Potti - Nevins retract another article

Dr Anil Potti and Dr Joseph Nevins have retracted a 9th article from a prestigious medical journal.

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