POTTI MESS - quack explains his conduct

December 16 2011 -- Dr Anil Potti has explained his conduct while at Duke University -- from the faked Rhodes Scholarship through research with made-up results -- in a letter to the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners.

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Dr Anil Potti settles with 11 patients

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Potti Mess: Duke challenges Med Board conclusion on resume

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Duke came out swinging this morning, slamming the North Carolina Medical Board for saying the university had determined the fraudulent resume of Dr. Anil Potti — the cancer quack who faked a Rhodes Scholarship and other credentials — was the result of “honest errors.”

A no-nonsense letter from the University General Counsel’s Office to the president of the Medical Board used one word to describe its interpretation of Duke’s investigation: “inaccurate.”

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Potti cops plea, keeps NC medical license

Dr Anil Potti has gotten off with a reprimand from the North Carolina Medical Board.
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